Triumph in the Sky

Lovely Disabled Home had organized Lovely Disabled Camp 2017 with themed Triumph in the Sky from 13 – 15 Oct 2017 at The Legendary Langkawi Island.

The main objective to encourage People with Disability (PwD) to step out of their bounds of their disability into the society, while at the same time promoting spirit of volunteerism among the public to reach out for the needy. This year, we have 190 participants including PwD, their family members and volunteers to enroll for this camp.

Run For A Chance Charity Run

Date:  16 Sept 2017 (Saturday)

Venue: Oasis Square, Ara Damansara

Theme: “Run For A Chance” Charity Run

The maiden run has successfully attracted 1850 participants, including 45 disabled people. About 85% of the disabled participants are the members of the LDH Workshop, Recycling Center and LDH Music School.

All About Love

Date:   11 June 2017 (Sunday)

Venue: SJK(C) Yuk Chai, Petaling Jaya

Theme: “All about Love” Parents Day Dinner

The month of June was filled with passion and love, Lovely Disabled Home took the opportunity to organize a Parents Day Dinner, a lovely gathering for parents and children to dine together. We had prepared 300 packs of presents, allowing the children to give to their beloved parents who brought them up through thick and thin, to express their gratefulness. Besides the presents, we also want to thank Michelle’s Flowery for sponsoring some beautiful Carnation flowers as gifts to the parents. It was a great honour to have invited a reputable Emcee Chui Ling Wang to conduct the programs for the dinner on that night. We also had a special presentation by our guest artist Dato’ Carrie Lee Sze Kei.  In addition, members from our Lovely Disabled Home also presented some wonderful and impressive shows, really gave all the attendees an unforgettable night during this Parents’ Day celebration.

Recycle Day

Since 2006, every Sunday of the 3rd and 4th week is a recycling day for Lovely Disabled Home. All volunteers will push the trolleys, press the door bells from house to house, and ask the residents if they have items or things for recycling. It is always a great joy to know that the house owners have already sorted out all the recycling items and getting ready to hand them over to us when we meet them.

Old Folks’ Home Visitations

Lovely Disabled Home inculcated with the thought of “loving others like loving ourselves”, organises trips to an old folks’ home in Klang together with volunteers and members once every three months. Its main purpose is to provide these members and volunteers the opportunity to contribute back to the society, and to express their love to these elderly people. It is also our hope that through these activities, our children can understand the value and virtue of filial piety.

We arrived at the old folks’ home in the early morning. Our members and volunteers were divided into two groups: one was to provide some entertaining programmes to the elders whereas another group was to help to clean up their rooms.

The person in charge of the home, Mr. Ng said each time when the elders knew we were coming; they would sit on their chairs in the early morning to look forward to meeting the children. They would smile joyfully when they met these young children, bringing them a full day of happiness.

The team leader for the home visit, volunteer Elaine commented that this activity also provided an opportunity to improve the relationship between members and volunteers helped them to learn ways to serve others and to grow together.

“I used to be a very shy and inward person, since participated in the home visitation; it stimulated my heart for love to others. I am now able to learn to show my love to my close family members. Elaine had been associated with the children for quite some times and she also witnessed their progress. “Seeing these children treating the elderly people with so much passion and love, I am very proud of them. They should also feel proud of themselves.”

2017 Old Folk Home Visitation

Music & Body Movement Class

Every 1st and 3rd Saturday of the month is a special musical programme —The Music Class. Cikgu Chan is the teacher -in -charge who teaches them to sing and dance while volunteers are helping to bring these children together to enjoy the musical songs and dances. These groups of children also participate frequently in many stage events presentation. Besides having the opportunity to enjoy the music, these children are also able to learn to face challenges in their new environment.

With regards to the 2nd and 4th Saturday, we have arranged Music & Movement Class. It simply means that our children are being treated physically behind some soothing music that makes them happy in a relaxing atmosphere. This practice, under less stressful condition, is more acceptable by our children when compares to the traditional physiotherapy methods. Of course, our children still need the assistance and strong encouragement from our volunteers to carry out the required movements as guided and instructed by our therapists.

However, we are facing serious problems in the shortage of volunteers. Leader of the LDH caring group, Elaine said these two activities are considered special, she appealed to all volunteers to come and help out every week. The children need some time to recognize and understand new volunteers. Those volunteers who truly have the heart to be involved should not feel afraid, we can provide the necessary training, guiding them with the knowledge and skills on how to handle these special children. When a child who felt so strange with you at the beginning and suddenly capable of calling out your name, you really feel touched and blessed.

Volunteer Team

Volunteer Team:

Recruits new volunteers; arrange volunteer for each team or activities when in need; organize and planning for volunteer training course; conducting social activities between volunteers in order to strengthen the relationship between volunteers; and represent Lovely Disabled Home to realizing social services.