Mission & Vission

Aim of Lovely Disabled Home:

Aim Of Lovely Disabled
  1. To provide handicapped friends a hindrance free workplace and training a volunteer/ workforce.
  2. To help handicapped friends to have a healthy life style.
  3. To promote the awareness campaign in love, strive for the welfare.
  4. To organize a volunteer team that aims to provide love and care to the group of Under-privileged individuals.
  5. To implement waste material recycle, hence promoting a socially green


Our Aims
  1. Provide an opportunity for PWD to earn meager income
  2. Hope for PWD, enhance the value of their life, and instill the spirit of self-help.
  3. Build up the confidence of PWD and help them to grow physically, mentally and spiritually

Establish a barrier – free confidence, stepping into the community to forge ahead, become a model in public, let love continue spread in the special community, give them hope and build the value of life.

Lovely Disabled Home’s Workshops, Recycle Centre & Flea Market are our dedicated centres providing work for our disabled community

Lovely Disabled Homes Timeline


1. Established from 2005, 12 years till now.

2. Provide job opportunity to person with disability (PWD), hence to get self-value.


3. For fast food packing job, we expanded it from one simple task into five different processing jobs, with the main purpose of helping the more severe members to be occupied with some work.

4. We just hopes that everyone who comes to Lovely Disabled Home will be blessed with its love and passions, the family concerned will also be satisfied with its blessings. Not only that it provides jobs for them but also helps them to build up their character, uplift their souls and values in life.


5. Lovely Disabled Home also started a recycling centre, allowing the disabled people to play their roles in saving this environmentally deteriorating earth.

6. The Recycling Centre is the main source of revenue for the Lovely Disabled Home, at the same time, providing jobs opportunity for 12 people with special needs. It not only helps to protect the earth, it also plays an important role in charity. It indeed achieves dual purposes!


7. In the 13th year ,

8. We hope we can help more PWD to find happiness in their work


9. They may imperfect, but they are the best