Sport Sock – Orange (M Size)


Size: M

Color: Orange

Features For Sport Socks

  • 40% of Combed Cotton
  • 40 % of Sulcool
  • 20% of Lycra
  • The middle and instep of the sock is thinner and good in heat sinking.
  • The bottom of sock is made by Combed Cotton. It is thicker in heel and front foot area. If inside out will aware it looks like towel. Besides, it is feeling comfortable while wearing it to do exercise.
  • The middle part of the sock is made by Sulcool and it will decrease the probability of bladder since it has a protection for the front of the foot and heel area.
  • Since it is good in heat sinking, it will make our skin dry and comfortable.
  • Lycra will make the sock close to our feet therefore it will not slide when we walk or run.


In the year 2015, Lum Kok Keong, the founder of Lovely Disabled Home, felt that the packaging business might be mechanized slowly in the future.

He also worried that the workshop members’ job in packing might be replaced. So he decided to create the idea of “make one pair of socks, create one opportunity” to enable the Lovely Disabled Home to produce its own product brand in socks.

In order to let the public know more about the LDH socks, we also try to promote them during different occasions, e.g. charity run, charity carnival and dinners, etc.

Additional information

Weight 1 g


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