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Volunteer Group (Committees)

Advisor - Cecilia Chan

Chairman - Kayson Ng

Deputy Chairlady - Novia Ng

Secretary -
Ling Jing Sh

Publicity Team Leader -
Jax Ong

Publicity Team Assistant Leader -
Leiu Sook Mey

Caring Team Leader -
Elaine Tiew

Caring Team Assistant Leader -
Kimberly Tiew

Recycle Team Leader -
Sherry Ho

Volunteer Team Leader -
Tan Mei Jiun

Volunteer Team Assistant Leader -
Irene Yap

My Volunteer's Diary

“ I’ve gained a lot of memorable and invaluable experience from everyone around me. What especially touches my heart is how the volunteers so selflessly extending their love and kindness to everyone without expecting things in return. This makes me realise how small and how much more I should learn from people around me. This experience also taught me how to assume responsibility and learn how to care for others instead of selfishly asking for love from people around. I’m very thankful for this opportunity given by lovely disabled home for this precious memory and experience. 🙂 ”

From Shen Lin

It’s my first time to do a volunteer, it’s a very special experience for me, and i know a lot of new friends, I knew how to recycle things, and how to collect, separate things, I also knew a lot of knowledge about the things what should be recycled and what should not be recycled. It is a precious memories for me. The children there are very special, friendly and lovely. The most important things in the team work is cooperation, this time our group members are very actively, and we work very good with each other. The children in Lovely Disabled Home maybe look like have a little flaw in their body or brain , but they actually no difference between us, they know how to work, how to survive in this world. I even studied from them. I will always remember this special experience.

From Ding Jie

At the beginning, I feel like quite exhausted when sorting all the recycle items in the center at Sunway. But after that, I have adapted myself into the situations where the tasks are given to us. The first day, the first station that we went is SS23. I followed the team and station leader approached the housing areas to collect the recyclable items. I had been told that only collect newspaper, paper, cardboards, clothes, tin, aluminium, plastics, electrical appliances and so on. I feel that our team and cooperate spirit was quite good as we always helping each other. The collection process also well organized as we distributed the houses among each other so that it could relieve our burdens of ringing the houses. I had the chances to communicate with the disabled members and knew their thought in their inner heart. I would also thank the LDH for preparing the lunch on each single day. The next activity we moved on to sort out the recyclable item at the recycle center. Thanks to the person in charged there taught us the ways of sorting like only take the plastics which are ranging from 1 to 5. I was also  happy that we could make joke with the disabled there and I found that they are quite intelligent and feeling amazed that some of them could speak and understand English.  I feel like unbelievable that I could finish this task and I hope that my effort could contribute to the society. 

From Tang Cheng Yee