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Lovely Disabled Home always in need of the aid from volunteers with different skills and abilities. Volunteers are most encouraged to provide feedback out of the four selections below based on personal interest and expertise. Please put a tick in the square (s) in the square according to the areas of voluntary contributions that you would like to engage in

Create publication plan of LDH’s activities and events; collect and edit the articles related to each activity; edit and update the latest information on website; establish and promote the image of Love and Caring for Lovely Disabled Home in society.

Forge closer relationship between volunteer and disabled; organize activities of exchange, visit or caring of disabled.

Plan and expand the location for recycle events; promote and enhance the recycling activities; and organize activities and seminar related to recycle to increase environmental awareness among public

Recruits new volunteers; arrange volunteer for each team or activities when in need; organize and planning for volunteer training course; conducting social activities between volunteers in order to strengthen the relationship between volunteers; and represent Lovely Disabled Home to realizing social services.

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