Music Class

Music & Body Movement Class

Every 2nd and 4th Saturday of the month is a special musical programme —The Music Class. Cikgu Chan is the teacher -in -charge who teaches them to sing and dance while volunteers are helping to bring these children together to enjoy the musical songs and dances. These groups of children also participate frequently in many stage events presentation. Besides having the opportunity to enjoy the music, these children are also able to learn to face challenges in their new environment.

However, we are facing serious problems in the shortage of volunteers. Leader of the LDH caring group, Elaine said these two activities are considered special, she appealed to all volunteers to come and help out every week. The children need some time to recognize and understand new volunteers. Those volunteers who truly have the heart to be involved should not feel afraid, we can provide the necessary training, guiding them with the knowledge and skills on how to handle these special children. When a child who felt so strange with you at the beginning and suddenly capable of calling out your name, you really feel touched and blessed.

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