Linda Ong

Linda Ong

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The story of her …

The Lovely Disabled Home was founded, in my personal view, began with the word “fate”. It gave me the opportunity to know Kok Kiang and Chee Meng; the Lord almighty has already provided everything in place.

During the early days, having closely attended to my child for the past 20 over years, I had witnessed, learned and understood a lot of things. My entire life, my character and thinking have completely changed, from an extremely shine, and timid person to become someone who is now outspoken and full of determination. Perhaps, the child gave me the strength when seeing her growing bigger each day. While the child was studying in a special school, I kept wondering how long she could remain there. What can a 20 over years old special child do?

My heartfelt desire is to see my child lives a life of an ordinary young people, properly educated, finding a suitable job, like any other person to earn a good income, to build up self-confidence with direction and respect. But, is it that easy for a child who is spastic? What can she do? Can a person who is defective in thoughts, speech, health and physical body, do any job? I searched and observed in a number of care centers but none of them was found to be suitable for her.

Thereafter, I quietly reflected and felt that I must have people who could share with my thoughts; giving me advice and sharing of experiences, only then it could be of help to a spastic person. With these objectives in mind, and fortunately, I had the opportunity to meet with Kok Kiang and Chee Meng. They were willing to listen to me and cooperated with me, we all had the same ideology and after many discussions and planning, we started Lovely Disabled Home.

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