Lum Kok Kiang

Lum Kok Kiang

Execute center operation and management
The story of him…

A bout of high fever; brought in not just one time medical consultation, more so a life time disability.
A bout of high fever; brought in not just an abrupt change, more so a life time transformation.
Because of the bout of high fever, poliomyelitis follows me for the rest of my life.
I had been discouraged, had complained and had given up. I often felt that my life would end in this manner. Because the two legs couldn’t move in the natural ways, my living environment was restricted to the house since young days. Watching other children of the same age running around, went to school to acquire knowledge, I could only stay at home to admire them. With such helpless feeling, low self-esteem, my outlet of frustration then was to complain.

Reflecting on my childhood days, because my parents were busy working, whenever they went out to work, I would be placed in a carton box. It became my friend that accompanied me to grow. I stayed in this box for seven months. Besides, I could not attend school since young, depended on listening to songs, singing along while listening, and learned some of these Chinese words.

As time went by, I was no longer a lone ranger, I had a group of close friends who could help me in thick and thin, we got together, playing with fun. I even started to smoke and drink. I was then happy but at the same time felt empty. I knew this was not the real me. I couldn’t find my real being, didn’t know where to go and didn’t know what could be done. So what to do then? I used such excuses to escape from reality and concealed my innocence. I felt more inferior and lonely. Always felt that there was no place for me, whether at the family home or in the disabled centre.

At age 24, I still did not find myself a space that suited me. May be, this whole life would just go through in this manner, or, I may not have any tomorrow to talk about, tomorrow was just another day to live by.

But please believe, the end of a man is the beginning of God, life will always be there when you feel you have nothing; it will let you see what you possessed is more than what is being loss; it will let you see what you have loss, will ultimately be replaced for you. Accepting Christ as my saviour and Lord is a turning point in my life; Bible is my Life Guide.

Indeed, as long as still alive, viewing from another perspective, and when I am willing, The Lord will provide a rainbow on my life. I began to understand, the mission given to each individual is different; everyone has his own strength and gifting. I then began to believe I could contribute much to the society.

The methods achieved may vary with individual. I then started my first job, helping to administer documents in my brother’s car repair workshop. For the first time, I felt my life had some sustenance. For the first time, I felt the value of being alive.

Working enabled me to understand the function of a car repair workshop; it also encouraged me to consider starting something of my own, that came from my strength. I saw the future. I began to plan and started a car repair workshop of my own. Everything progressed smoothly and beautifully. I earned my living expense. I managed the workshop personally. I did with full responsibility of my life. This could become my whole life dependency. However, the cruel reality in life forced me to say otherwise. The car repair workshop was forced to close down due to some unforeseen circumstances. Although my heart was unwilling, but, I knew there would not be any long term hope if it was to be continued. After the closure, I came down to Kuala Lumpur, stayed in a disabled home, mixing with people who were also facing similar conditions. I began with a new job, under different living environment. Though it looked good on the surface, I still felt that there was short of something, after having been through many ups and downs, is this the life that I aspired to be? The further I walk, the clearer is my vision.

A bout of high fever, I was forced to stay in a wheel chair. But, my heart and my world are even greater.
A bout of high fever, I was classified as a disabled person. Perhaps, this is my greatest gift in life.
Because of the bout of high fever, my life is filled with glaring colours of the rainbows.
I want to thank God for all that I am blessed with, making use of it to create even more rainbows. After moving around this much, I want to be more determined to work towards my desired goal. With God’s blessing, I met Linda Ong. She is the angel in my life. We both have the same ideology, under our hard work, we finally established the Lovely Disabled Home.

“When there is true love, there is no obstacle”. This is our corporate philosophy.
Lovely Disabled Home, through the true love of the people, overcame all obstacles. Its establishment is based on this foundation. Although we could not replace a new pair of limbs for those who are wheel chair bound, we could fetch them anywhere. Although we could not help friends who are mute to communicate effectively, we can listen to their language with a heavy heart. Only with love, there is no obstacle; with passion, indifference would not exist. The story will not end because love and passion will continue to grow…. Then, everyman’s life has an influence on another. You and I, are the same……

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