Let love continue to spread in the special community, give them hope and build the value of life, love … is the power of life, care … is given the hope

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Recycle Center
Check out our recycle center at Lovely Disabled Homes.

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We Offer Free Workshops And Training Volunteer Assistance

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Activity of The Month

Recycle Day 20/05/2018

Japanese Pastel Nagomi Art Workshop 20/05/2018

Recycle Day 27/05/2018

Open Up Your Heart Seminar

What We Done

Triumph to the sky with 190 people

Lovely Disabled Home brought 190 people,
including 50 PWD flied to Langkawi
on 13 October to 15 October.

Run For a Chance 2

Lovely Disabled Home Run for a Love with 1850 person on 16 September. From this event, we arose the awareness to PWD successfully.

Penang Flood Donation

Lovely Disabled Home collaborates with Puchong Logos Presbyterian Church to help Penang flood disasters escape from the flood.

Provide job opportunity for 52 PWD

After 12 years of hard work and perseverance, Lovely Disabled Home finally came to a workshop with 52 special members. In other words, Lovely Disabled Home successfully helped 52 special people to get a job.

Lovely Disabled Home

LDH Workshop

LDH Recycle Center

Volunteer Registration