Old Folks’ Home Visit

Old Folks’ Home Visit

Lovely Disabled Home inculcated with the thought of “loving others like loving ourselves”, organises trips to an old folks’ home in Klang together with volunteers and members once every three months. Its main purpose is to provide these members and volunteers the opportunity to contribute back to the society, and to express their love to these elderly people. It is also our hope that through these activities, our children can understand the value and virtue of filial piety.

We arrived at the old folks’ home in the early morning. Our members and volunteers were divided into two groups: one was to provide some entertaining programmes to the elders whereas another group was to help to clean up their rooms.

The person in charge of the home, Mr. Ng said each time when the elders knew we were coming; they would sit on their chairs in the early morning to look forward to meeting the children. They would smile joyfully when they met these young children, bringing them a full day of happiness.

The team leader for the home visit, volunteer Elaine commented that this activity also provided an opportunity to improve the relationship between members and volunteers helped them to learn ways to serve others and to grow together.

“I used to be a very shy and inward person, since participated in the home visitation; it stimulated my heart for love to others. I am now able to learn to show my love to my close family members. Elaine had been associated with the children for quite some times and she also witnessed their progress. “Seeing these children treating the elderly people with so much passion and love, I am very proud of them. They should also feel proud of themselves.”

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