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The recycle center of  the Lovely  Disabled Home, on a mission to collect recycle items and environment protection, offers  another  job opportunity  to physically and mentally disabled members. Members will go with the drivers  to specified  or  appointed  shops  or  houses  to collect back the recycle items and put them  into different  categories. On Weekend, they  together  with voluntary  workers  will carry out Recycle Day at  specified areas.

Carton Boxes

There is one section for carton boxes. All the carton boxes received are placed in that place.


Presently, there are two steps in sorting of newspapers, first step is to separate them into big and small size papers, then pass the big size papers to two members who then open them and fold out orderly. The papers folded into reams are then sold to Cameron Highlands’ farmers for them to wrap their harvests i.e. vegetables.

Shred Paper

There is one member responsible daily to shred the document papers collected from offices.The papers collected are sorted into different categories (e.g. black & white papers, mixed papers and magazines) and then place them into their respective bags.


The upper floor of the recycling centre is filled with different types of old clothes, one member and worker are sorting them according to their quality, the better ones are sold at the Amcorp Mall flea market while the poor ones are given to the recycling factory for recycling.


Member in charge will repair some of the en to the recycling factory.

Sorting of Plastic, Aluminium and Iron items

Members will sort out the items collected (such as plastic, aluminium tin and iron) into different categories and place them in the respective bags. These are then weighed and collected by the recycling factories.


Members will help loading the clothes and second-hand items to lorry and send to Amcorp mall flea market for sale on weekend.


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       CartonBox                                 Newspaper                                                Paper                  Plastic                                          Loading


LDH Recycle Do Dont



 Poster created by: BPsych students from HELP University



Recycle Day

1st Saturday ~ Kelana Puteri Condo & Kelana Mahkota Condo, Palm Spring

2nd Saturday~ Maplewoods Saujana , Kemuning Utama

3rd Saturday~ SS2/89 , SS23/4 


Recycle Centre 

Operation Hours: Monday to Friday 9am-5:30pm,  Saturday 9am-1pm

Venue:No. 7, Jalan PJS 7/20B, Bandar Sunway, 46150 Petaling Jaya, Selangor,Malaysia.