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We received a notification that there is a Charity group with the same name as us, reaching out for public sponsors/donations. We therefore, come forth for the clarification.

Lovely Disabled Home is a registered Non-governmental Organisation (NGO). Since its inception in year 2005, under the Department of Social Welfare Malaysia, we are listed under the registration number of 711337-D. We hereby emphasise that other than “Lovely Cerebral Palsy Home” (which also bares the same logo), there is no other organisation that uses the same name (chinese or english) or logo. We have NEVER authorise any partnership or granted permission of use for any organisation under this context. Any sponsorship or donation should be done directly with Lovely Disabled Home.

We remind everyone to be cautious and vigilant against people who misuse the good name under the sake of charity. Please SHARE this post around to spread the news.

Thank you.

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