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Welcome to Lovely Disabled Home

Lovely Disabled Home provides job opportunities for the special needs. Founded in November 2005, Lovely Disabled Home is a non-governmental and non-profitable organisation specialises in providing job opportunities to the physically and mentally challenged individuals who are 18-year-old and above. We believe everyone, including these special needs individuals, have their own value and purpose. If they are given an opportunity and proper training, they can have stable employment.

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Our Mission

To provide the special needs a hindrance free workplace and work opportunities.

To help the special needs to have a healthy lifestyle.

To promote the awareness campaign in love, striving for the welfare.

To build volunteer teams with the special needs providing love and care to the underpriviledged individuals.

To implement resource recycling, building environmental-friendly society.

Our Work

The primary services we do at Lovely Disabled Home.


Provide job opportunities for the special needs

Recycle Centre

Save the planet and create job opportunities at the sametime.

Flea Market

Sell second-hand goods to support operation cost.

Our Vision

  • Provide an opportunity for the special needs to earn meager income
  • Hope for the special needs, enhance the value of their life, and instill the spirit of self-help.
  • Build up the confidence of the special needs and help them to grow physically, mentally and spiritually.
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